If you’ve ever considered a career in software development, one question you may have asked yourself is, “What does a back end web developer do?” Back end web developers can have fulfilling careers and great salaries for those interested in programming, software, and coding.

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Having the knowledge of what back end web development is and the skills are needed to excel is important to excel in the field. Let’s take a closer look at what back end web developers do, how they do it, the technologies involved with it, and how anyone who wants to take control of their life can turn it into a career.

What Is Back End Web Development?

Before understanding the answer to “What does a back end developer do?” and the steps involved in becoming a back end developer, it’s critical to understand what it is.

back end web developer works alongside a front end developer to build the logic needed to make external web applications work correctly.

While the front end of development is known as the “client-side,” back end web development is known as the “server-side.” That means that front end developers are user-facing while back end developers manage issues internally within the application itself.

Back end development also includes increasing a web application’s ability to function quickly. Back end developers examine the web framework to help make it more efficient. Additionally, this includes the development and management of a database.

Developers are responsible for ensuring the database can securely store information needed to operate the app. Some databases a web developer may use include MongoDB, MySQL, or PostgreSQL.

That’s the essential job description of what a back end web developer does. But what specific skills do they need to succeed?

Skills Required For Back End Developers

So what does a back end developer do and more importantly: what are the skills required for a back end developer?

While there are certainly similarities between the skills needed to be a back end web developer and front end web developer, there are distinctions between them. It’s important for both operators to understand what the other does as the roles are different.

Listed below are the skills required to become a back end developer:

  • Knowledge and expertise using the specific type of back end programming your company uses
  • Security compliance and accessibility
  • Knowledge of front end skill sets and technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Expertise in managing version control
  • Understanding of how to manage a hosting environment
  • Database administration
  • The ability to scale applications to account for changes to the programming
  • Superior communication skills to work with front end developers

While front end developers focus on a website’s look and feel, back end web programmers are responsible for a website’s architecture.

In terms of an analogy, think of it like a house: front end developers are the interior decorators while back end coding lays the foundation and build the house itself.

The back end process enables other programmers to add pages to the site through the user interface.


What Are Back End Technologies?

There are multiple back end developer languages and technologies used to support the back end process. The specific technology you use as a back end developer will depend mainly on the company you’re with.

Commonly used languages used for back end development include:

  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • Java
  • .NET
  • Scala
  • Perl
  • C# and C++
  • Node.js
  • JavaScript

Back end developers also use frameworks to construct out their server-side applications. These frameworks serve as a skeleton of sorts. The type of framework a back end web developer uses depends on the language they use. Some common ones include:

  • Django for Python
  • JSF (Java Server Faces)
  • Ruby on Rails
  • 15 Node.js frameworks including Meteor JS and ExpressJS
  • Symfony for PHP
  • Spring framework for Java

As you begin your back end development training, you’ll become more familiar with many of these languages and technologies. But the question then becomes how do you determine the best training system for you?

How Web Developers Learn Back End

Web developers learn back end through obtaining some kind of computer science certification or training. This can include a computer science degree from a four-year university. However, back end training is available to not just those attending universities or colleges.

There are back end developer courses available to take online as well. These development courses can assist those wishing to become back end developers while they attempt to enter the field.

Back end developer education requirements include taking comprehensive training that allows one to master the skills necessary to complete the job. It’s all about finding a program that works with your schedule and learning style.

While training is required to excel in the role, the type of training you receive depends on your own personal availability. There are options for those who want a more accessible training experience than universities and colleges provide.

Back End Developer Salary

According to data from the career site Glassdoor.com, a survey of 458 back end developers revealed they make an average base pay of $101,000 a year. This average back end developer salary will vary depending on your experience, location, and the company you work for.

The good news is that the industry provides you with plenty of options. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that it’s a good time to seek development work. They forecast that the job outlook for developers over the next ten years will increase by 13% – much faster than the national average for other careers.

By now, it’s apparent that becoming a back end web developer is a stable and potentially lucrative career choice. Once you’ve answered the question, “What does a back end developer do?” and it feels like a good fit, you may want to take the next step.

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