Technology companies are expanding rapidly to provide new services and products. With such tremendous growth occurring, many tech giants are turning to consultant services.

Data analytics consultants work with companies to build new strategies targeting business development and success. 

If you have a strong data science foundation and are in search of a career that’s project-based and adaptable, then a career as a data analytics consultant may be a great option to explore. 

Job openings for data analytics consultants are growing among major companies like Google and Anthem. It is a position that combines popularized data science skills with a more flexible work schedule. 

Data Analytics Role and Responsibilities

A data analytics consultant is an expert in the field of data analytics, which is a category of data science. In data analytics, information is collected, cleaned, and analyzed. The goal in data analytics is to interpret data and find new insights. 

Dr. Susan McKenzie, senior associate dean at Southern New Hampshire University, shared in a university article, that data analytics professionals will typically use one of four types of analytics processes to interpret data. The four types of analytics processes are descriptive, predictive, diagnostic, and prescriptive.  

The primary role of a data analytics consultant is to derive conclusions using data. They are more concerned with the results and less involved in the mechanics or processes of data analysis. 

Data analytics consultants will explain the findings to company leaders. Company leaders, therefore, can create an effective plan for the future. 

Daily Tasks and Projects

A data analytics consultant may be a part of a consulting firm, development company, or self-employed. Depending on their employment, a data analytics consultant may work in a team environment or completely on their own. 

Companies will hire a data analytics consultant to do specific tasks or projects. They may be tasked to mine data in search of patterns, determine future trends, or synthesize information to come up with recommendations for action. When they are working on a job, they may split their time between their offices and the client’s company to work on tasks. 

A data analytics consultant may choose to specialize in a specific industry. They may also specialize in a particular role for projects. 

However, companies ultimately hire consultants to develop new strategies for the future of the company. They will have to sum up their findings in a report or presentation which anyone can understand. 

Salary and Employment Opportunities

The average starting salary for data analytics professionals working in business intelligence is $44,0191. If a consultant works in a firm or development company, then they will typically be paid a base salary and earn a bonus at the end of each year. Meanwhile, self-employed professionals will work by the hour or by the project.

Employment is projected to increase in the coming years because companies are looking for professionals with strong data analytics skills. Furthermore, companies want to find ways to maximize efficiency and remain competitive in the market

Technology companies are hiring more data analytics consultants to help partners and other businesses understand customer engagement and data. Outside of the technology industry, healthcare companies are also hiring more data analytics professionals. 

Healthcare companies need professionals who can analyze big data. Healthcare companies may ask data analytics consultants to look at patient records, medical supplies, and employee logs to improve operations and provide better consultative advice. 

Education and Skills Requirements

Becoming a data analytics consultant demands strong mastery of mathematics and statistics. Most data professionals obtain a bachelor’s degree in a STEM field, such as computer science, mathematics, or information technology. 

Some professionals may obtain a master’s degree to meet the job requirements of a particular position. An alternate option to pursue is a certificate in data analytics or data science. 

A data analytics consultant must know R and SQL programming. They also require experience in data analyst skills like data mining, statistical analysis, data visualization, and database management. 

In terms of soft skills, a data analytics consultant should also have great time management and problem-solving skills. They will have to talk to company managers and other professionals to execute tasks and projects properly. 

When they are working on a project, consultants will have to work on a tight budget and schedule. Since they are hired as a freelancer, a data analytics consultant’s reputation will rest on their execution and efficiency. 

Learn More About Becoming a Data Analytics Consultant

There is a plentitude of career options for data science enthusiasts to fit expanding subfields and individual company needs. 

A data analytics consultant is a unique career option for data analytics professionals. Consultant services are expected to grow as big data becomes increasingly important in many businesses, leading to several employment opportunities by both tech giants and outside industries.

Data analytics consultants get the chance to work with many companies, unlocking discoveries through data analysis and manipulation. They also have the freedom to work independently or with a consulting company, providing flexibility and a variety of work opportunities.

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Sophia Acevedo

Sophia Acevedo

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