You may find yourself interested in a career in computer programming, but unaware of where to begin and asking yourself questions such as “What is Python?”

Perhaps you even know some of the terminology and types of programming languages required.

If your asking yourself… “Should I start with Python?” The answer is yes.

Being able to program with Python is a valuable skillset that’ll benefit your future career in technology.

Before you get started you should go through a basic introduction of the language to better understand what it is, why you should learn it, if you can learn it on your own, and who uses it.

What is Python Script?

The first component of determining what python script is is to understand what exactly it’s used for.

It’s a type of computer programming, but it differs from other ones in several distinctive ways. It is a high-level programming language, well-suited for rapid application development.

The language has a simple syntax that enables low costs associated with program maintenance. It does not have one specific purpose but can be used for multiple purposes.

Python is a popular form of programming to be used for scripting or glue language needed to connect existing programming elements. It can also be used for software development.

It’s similar to other programming formats such as JavaScript. But the major Java vs. Python difference is that it is more likely to be used for “server-side” scripting than JavaScript.

Learning Python or JavaScript comes down to what type of programming work you’re looking to do.

Why You Should Learn Python

Now that you’ve answered the question, “What is Python?” it’s also important to understand the utility it has as a programming language.

Learning the language is a gateway to many computer programming opportunities, which can be rather lucrative.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer programmers made a median annual salary of $84,280 in 2018. But there are more reasons why you should choose to learn this language other than the salary.

Computer programmers perform many vital functions related to software. Many potential applications in multiple industries use the language, including highly successful industries with high salaries such as the financial sector.

One benefit of learning python for finance is that it gives you the ability to apply your newly learned coding skills to a variety of jobs within that industry.

Program scripts have several uses throughout the business world, as evidenced by popular blogs like Practical Business Python that cover the usage of the script.

You can find software written in so many different sectors. It’s a versatile format that you can apply over and over again, no matter what line of work you end up in.

Can I Learn Python On My Own?

For those unfamiliar with computer programming, you may ask yourself, “Is it hard to learn Python?”

Although it is a high-level language, it is not hard to learn. In actuality, the language is easy to master. It’s much simpler than many other types of programming formats.

Mastering this skill is all about learning and executing the core concepts. By gaining an understanding of the Python programming fundamentals, you can apply that knowledge in any number of ways.

You can either seek a career specifically or use the skill to help bolster another career in which computer programming plays a role. Either way, it’s a very useful and valuable skill set to possess.

Of course, you’ll need to have the right guidance and training to do so. But once you do, it’s relatively easy to become an expert in the field and transition into a career.

Who Uses Python?

When researching what Python is used for today, you’ll come up with no shortage of answers.

It is a versatile programming language that is useful in multiple sectors and industries.

Python can be used for data analysis, visualization, language detection, API, along with a whole host of other purposes. Below are just a few of how it plays a role for various businesses:

  • NASA uses Python to support United Space Alliance, its main shuttle support contractor.
  • Industrial Light and Magic (ILM), the feature film special effects company, ILM uses Python because it’s much faster to integrate than other programming languages.
  • Google uses the language for many of its various applications, including its Google search engine and YouTube.
  • The semiconductor manufacturer Philips uses it to develop its sequencing language.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg. If you name any industry, there is probably some way or another that Python touches it.

Space travel, computer-generated special effects, tech, or manufacturing, are just a few examples. That means that people who develop expertise in this area will have plenty of career or job opportunities.

Programming Language Mastery

In an age when computer programming and computer programmers are ubiquitous, it stands out as a topic worth learning.

Not only is it a highly-sought after programming language, but it’s also used by a variety of different types of businesses. Successfully understanding the computer language will open up numerous opportunities for you.

The bottom line?

Python is a high-level language that’s easy to master with the right training. It’s deceptively simple to learn the core concepts associated with it.

The key is to have the right guidance when learning this incredible language for programming. With the right training program, you can parlay your knowledge into a lucrative career in any number of industries.

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