According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the average cost-per-hire for an organization is $4,129 with 42 days of lost productivity.

Woz Enterprise Trains and Retains

When journalists and economists speak of the ever-widening digital skill gap, the majority of the focus tends to be placed on the lack of preparation that today ‘s graduates have for the workplace. And for good reason—American students are falling behind the global average in just about every metric when compared with other countries. However, as both companies and schools search for a solution to this problem, the current workforce is aging quickly and is failing to keep its skills relevant and up to date.

As with any solution, change won ‘t just happen overnight when implemented; there ‘s bound to be a lag between raising up the next generation of workers and getting them into the positions where they are most needed. While they eagerly await an influx of new, skilled labor to enter the job market, organizations need to keep their current workforce as competitive as possible. That ‘s why we created Woz Enterprise.

What Is Woz Enterprise?

Woz Enterprise is an EdTech platform that delivers custom learning modules to employees to keep their knowledge and skills relevant, up-to-date, and at the forefront of change in technology. Because one size doesn ‘t fit all, Woz Enterprise gives employers the ability to choose from over 2,000 hours of content and create a customized program specifically for their organization. For example, if a manager is well aware that employees lack proficiency in certain skills, he/she can build a custom program that fills in the gaps. These learning modules cover specific skills related to Software Development, Data Science, and Cyber Security. In as little as a few months, an organization can bring their team ‘s skills up to speed and regain an advantage over their competition.

Woz Enterprise is located at the last stage of Woz U ‘s “K-to-Career” pipeline and is the primary method by which we match qualified job seekers—and Woz U graduates in particular—with employers. In addition to training their current workers, employers can access Woz Workspace, our database of qualified job seekers who have already been equipped with skills in Software Development, Data Science, and Cyber Security. This helps reduce the money and time spent looking for a qualified candidate and the productivity loss that occurs during the process.

Woz Enterprise Benefits Everyone Involved


At a time when the amount of available jobs greatly outweighs the supply of qualified candidates, retaining your current employees is of utmost importance. Unfortunately, many employees fail to update their skills or develop new competencies when they ‘ve spent many years at a company and they feel that their job is secure. Additionally, a team ‘s skills often become outdated when the employer themselves does not know what skills are needed to succeed.

Because Woz U ‘s curriculum is designed by industry leaders and experts in their field, employees need no longer worry about whether or not their own internal training programs are effective and up-to-date. With the use of Woz Enterprise, employers are able to “train and retain” their employees, reducing the cost of hiring.


Woz Enterprise creates a win-win situation for both employers and employees, as it helps employees keep their skill set competitive and relevant for today ‘s workplace. Utilizing the skills learned via Woz Enterprise, employees have the freedom to pursue career advancement in their current organization or look for new opportunities elsewhere, if desired. Employers that use Woz Enterprise, however, provide employees with an incentive to stay within their current organization by delivering top-notch training and helping them grow in their career.

Woz U Graduates & Job Seekers

To aid Woz U graduates and job seekers in finding their first job and to provide employers with a stream of qualified talent, Woz Enterprise allows organizations to search for candidates in our proprietary database, Woz Workspace. And unlike typical job boards, Woz Workspace assesses a candidate’s skills and provides them with relevant coursework to fill in any potential skill gaps. This prepares candidates for the job and assures employers that a candidate is truly qualified for the position.

Bridging the Skill Gap

The widening skill gap and the rising cost of hiring and training new employees are incentivizing employers to “train and retain” current talent. However, few employers are successful in keeping their team ‘s skills up to date. Woz Enterprise helps employers keep their team ‘s skills current and relevant, while also providing them with an additional source of new employees. As the final piece in Woz U ‘s “K-to-Career” pipeline, Woz Enterprise connects qualified job seekers (Woz U grads) with employers and bridges the gap between the two.

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