There is a lot of value in education for the sake of education; learning is a key component of personal growth and higher level thinking. But let’s be honest, when it comes to paying for an education, a certain amount of ROI is expected. You’re getting an education to land a better job, to secure a rewarding career.

This simple fact was the starting point for various technical training programs in the U.S., including programming boot camps. And for thousands of now gainfully employed, personally fulfilled professionals, the initial investment has more than paid off. But because Woz U fosters a “more better faster” environment, we have been hyper-focused on finding new ways to give students exactly what they need, when they need it, to achieve their professional goals.

Modular Curriculum

I am excited to announced that we have rolled out an entirely new, modular curriculum and learning management system that provides an entirely new approach to teaching. What does that mean for our students? In short, it means customization and rapid career growth.

Our new curriculum design offers various pathways that curve and bend to individual interests and career aspirations. While the core, foundational components remain the focus of the program, students can explore and choose between different technologies while learning.

For example, in our entry-level Full Stack Web Development program, one module (out of 15 in total) is Programming Foundations. Some students will learn those concepts with JavaScript while others will learn with C#. Another example is our Back-end Foundations module – some may want to create services using Core, others with NodeJS. Regardless of the technology, our instructors will guide students through important core concepts and use cases allowing students to explore more options.

The best part about our new format is that it brings a whole new dimension to technical higher education. Our programs are broken down into modules that are based on teaching concepts rather than languages so we can offer focused and effective training to current software engineers for a fraction of the time and cost. Instead of having to enroll in our 12-week immersive program or 24-week part-time program, students can select specific modules to suit their individual needs.

Which technology is in the highest demand in your area? What does your future employer expect you to know? Most students don ‘t know and that ‘s ok. Our team guides students through this discovery process to assure they get most ROI to secure a rewarding career.

Because technology is constantly changing and evolving, what is popular today will most likely be different a year from now. It ‘s what makes working as a software engineer so exciting and engaging. So it ‘s important to keep current of the latest technology trends to maintain relevancy in the marketplace, create long-term job security and launch career growth. Knowing this, our goal was to create a system that will allow us to educate at the speed of technology…and we nailed it.

Woz for Life

This career path is about lifelong learning. That ‘s why at Woz U, we offer students a 30-year program, not just 12 or 24 weeks. We have a Woz For Life program that offers lifelong learning opportunities and career placement services to all our graduates. Graduates can take one program and return to take more classes at no additional cost. We liken it to paying for your undergrad degree and being able to get postgrad degrees for the same price.

State-of-the-art learning platform

Delivering such a dynamic education experience to our students requires a highly-sophisticated learning platform. We are thrilled to introduce Exeter, a custom learning platform developed in house by our Woz U team with the assistance of our graduates. Exeter is a video-driven, online platform that provides students a hands-on learning experience through in-browser coding exercises with immediate and individualized feedback. And of course, it ‘s cross-platform and mobile compatible.

This new customized approach is the next stage in Woz U’s effort to revolutionize higher education and technology. And we are just getting started – stay tuned.