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20 December, 2018
by Nicole Nelson
Content Marketing Manager
Scott Shetly is a former Woz U employee who is now a graduate of our JavaScript program! Watch his student spotlight to learn about his unique journey below.

Scott Shetley worked as an admissions representative at Woz U before deciding to enroll in the JavaScript program himself. Having some college and close to ten years in the military, Scott knew the traditional University route was not for him.

Knowing Woz U was flexible, caring, and supportive, Scott found his strengths and was a successful student. Hear about his experience at Woz U and what made graduation so special in his student spotlight below!


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Nicole Nelson

Nicole is Woz U’s social media and content manager who loves to build communities and break though barriers to find common ground. After graduating college, Nicole joined Woz U as an intern and quickly rose up in the ranks to become the voice of the brand on social. When she’s not documenting Woz U’s Demo Day, you can find her cheering on her local soccer team or getting her ‘zen' on practicing yoga.

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