Categories: Software Developer
5 December, 2018
by Nicole Nelson
Content Marketing Manager
Learn how to google like a senior developer in this workshop led by Woz U instructor Richard Key!

Want to code like a senior developer? First, you gotta know how to google like one! Our Woz U instructor Richard Key will show you how.

Don't miss these highlights:
06:10 - the first word to include in your google search
11:00 - bypassing known information on google links
12:37 - identifying the best answers on stack overflow
14:40 - what to keep in mind when looking at stack overflow answers
17:15 - searching a topic with less results
19:30 - How to decide which results to use
25:20 - 'more results' within stack overflow
27:40 - searching a broad topic
29:50 - search for a specific phrase
32:00 - how to search for answers with "code error"
40:10 - questions
41:00 - nodemon error search question


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Nicole Nelson

Nicole is Woz U’s social media and content manager who loves to build communities and break though barriers to find common ground. After graduating college, Nicole joined Woz U as an intern and quickly rose up in the ranks to become the voice of the brand on social. When she’s not documenting Woz U’s Demo Day, you can find her cheering on her local soccer team or getting her ‘zen' on practicing yoga.

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