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28 August, 2019
by Woz U
Content Marketing Manager
Real Estate Sales to Junior Developer at Outlier. Read the interview we had with Amy Gerrish and learn more about her experience after Woz U!

Woz U: How did your experience at Woz U help you find your first Data Scientist position after graduation?

Amy Gerrish: “Woz U’s Data Science curriculum and support specifically  prepared me to be and fit into a Jr. Data Scientist role. Ultimately, this helped me get an interview with a very data driven company, Outlier. Which in turn I secured a full time Jr. Data Scientist job.”

Woz U: What are you learning now as a Jr. Data Scientist and what does a typical day look like?

Amy Gerrish: “I’m learning to pull & analyze data, create reporting & help drive digital marketing decisions. I use sql daily to pull the data I need to analyze or create reports with. From sales add ons to website visitor demand. Since I understand Facebook’s machine learning algorithm I also monitor online sales and help optimize campaigns. I helped book 203 parties and drove $80k in gross revenue first quarter 2019 with these campaigns.“

“Woz U helped me build my foundation for working in data science.“-Amy Gerrish

Woz U: What advice would you give to someone considering Data Science?

Amy Gerrish:  “Data Science has so many niches, Woz U covers the foundation for learning how to work with data. After class, figure out what direction you want to go, like Business Intelligence, Marketing, Predictive Analytics and focus on sharpening those skills.”

Congratulations to Woz U Alumni,  Amy Gerrish for all of her success in becoming a Junior Data Scientist.

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