If you are looking to build Android or iOS apps, it’s always a good idea to become versatile in both platforms, so you have as many career options as possible.

Looking to get an online Android certification so you can build tomorrow ‘s next viral app? According Statista, there are currently about 2.8 million Android apps to choose from versus 2.2 million iOS apps. On average, Millennials spend about 180 minutes per day using a smart mobile device, with other generations like X (110 minutes daily) and Boomers (43 minutes daily) coming in at a close second and third place respectively.

If you are looking to build Android or iOS apps, it ‘s always a good idea to become versatile in both platforms, so you have as many career options as possible. The online IOS and Android certification course at Woz U is a great place to fast-track your entrance into this exciting field. What follows are six awesome perks that you ‘ll as an Android app developer.

No. 1: Android Studio

Android Studio will become your best friend once you get certified in Android online. It ‘s a fast and integrated studio with full-featured development portal that was created just for Android developers. Using this studio, and its many features, you ‘ll be able to build beautiful, robust and responsive Android apps for every compatible device on the market today.

What ‘s more, you ‘ll be able to use stage testing to ensure that your app is functional before you submit it to the Google Play store. And, for iOS developers, you can also use Android Studio for Apple to ensure cross-device compatibility.

No. 2: JavaRoots

JavaRoots is one of the most widely used programming languages for mobile devices and works with both Android and Windows operating systems. The code is written in Java and is usually easier to learn than some of the iOS coding platforms. While JavaRoots is limited, in the sense that it ‘s only going to work for its compatible devices, you can ‘t overlook the fact that is has become a staple to the app developer community.

No. 3: Google Play Perks

The Google Play store makes it easy and more streamlined to get your app submitted and approved than the iTunes store does. Of course, you ‘ll ultimately want your app on both marketplaces to maximize usership and downloads. But, you will immediately notice how much easier it is to get your app uploaded and approved to Google ‘s Play store.

Furthermore, there are fewer stipulations for developers in Play. For example, you can easily push out several updates over the course of a few days without worrying about having to resubmit your entire app. While iOS is stricter in this sense, it ‘s still worth the effort but takes longer to see the results you want: Your new (or updated) app live in the marketplace.

No. 4: Easy Transportation

Another perk to Android app development is that you can quickly transfer your app to other popular mobile operating systems like Ubuntu, Blackberry, Symbian and more. You can also port it over to the new and improved Chrome OS with ease, too. This versatility is something that you won ‘t find in proprietary iOS apps.

No. 5: Developer Fees

Fees… nobody likes them. Both Play and iTunes charge developer fees. For example, Apple charges $99 per year and Play charges $25 per year. As you can see, there ‘s quite a difference in price between the two. For newcomers to Android app development, the lower fees help you make ends meet more easily when you ‘re just getting started.

No. 6: A.B Testing

Android app developers are offered a way to A/B test the application before its “official” release in the Play store.

Google allows for you to release “beta” and “alpha” versions to test your app before you submit your final version for approval. Bear in mind that these limited release versions are available only to select users, and that you can still stage test your iOS apps to debug them, too. Still, it ‘s another perk that you ‘ll enjoy as an Android app developer.