If you are looking for jobs in technology, there are a variety of careers available. From software engineers and developers to big data analysis and management, the technology industry has shown outstanding growth over the past decade.

Luckily, for individuals with careers in technology, this growth is projected to continue through 2020.

Not only is there high projected job availability, tech careers offer some of the highest salaries in the U.S.

Highest Paying Jobs in Technology

Since careers in technology require a range of specializations, there are a variety of high-paying occupations for individuals with diverse skills and experience.

According to CompTIA’s Cyberstates analytics, the tech industry makes up approximately 10% of the U.S. economy.

Jobs in the tech industry offer salaries that are on average double those in other job sectors.

The technology industry ranks sixth overall in job creation since 2010, with projected 6% annual growth through 2020.

All of this means that individuals working in the technology industry have more job opportunities and higher salary potential.

Whether you analyze big data or have software developer experience, chances are there is a high paying technology job available for you.

We have compiled and summarized information on the highest paying tech and computer science jobs on the market today.

Enterprise Data Architect

Enterprise Data Architect Salary: $82,150 – $143,934

Enterprise Data Architecture (EDA) uses software and technology to facilitate a company’s business strategy.

An Enterprise Data Architect manages the enterprise architecture of a company using software and technology designed to organize the company’s information assets.

Duties include data modeling, storage, and information management using IT programs, to ensure successful data delivery and storage within the organization.

An Enterprise Data Architect must be aware of the most current technological standards and regulations.

They are responsible for keeping the company updated with trending technology for data management and storage.

Software Engineering Manager

Software Engineer Salary: $60,920 – $164,010

Software Engineer Manager Salary:  $125,050 – $154,189

Software engineering and software engineering management are both high paying jobs in technology.

A system software engineer is responsible for the development, maintenance, modification, and testing of computer software.

A software engineer must be well versed in programming languages and computer engineering.

In addition to in-depth knowledge of engineering, software manager jobs, and software engineering management roles require executive skills.

A software engineering manager must be able to manage teams of software engineers, supervise engineering output, build a reliable team, and evaluate job performance.

Software Development Manager

Software Development Manager Salary: $72,500 – $171,500

Software development managers design, create, and develop computer systems and software with computer engineering techniques and data analysis.

A software dev manager must have a comprehensive understanding of computer programming languages and software engineering techniques, to write, adjust, and test software for server applications.

Dev managers are also responsible for the supervision of employees during the development process, ensuring the quality and reliability of software products.

This level of responsibility makes the position of software development manager one of the highest paying jobs in technology.

IT Cloud Engineer

IT Cloud Engineer Salary: $111,000 – $148,500

With the growth of cloud computing throughout many industries, it is easy for a technical professional to find a high paying position as a cloud engineer.

A Cloud Engineer career path reflects a wide range of skills and specializations.

These professionals have skills, including cloud architecture and engineering, design, planning, management, maintenance, support, development, open source technology, scripting languages, programming languages, and provider environments.

If you are interested in a career in cloud computing, the cloud computing job outlook for 2020 is favorable.

And, based on projected growth cloud computing is an excellent option for high paying positions.

Data Science Professionals

Data Science Professional Salary: $95,000 – $250,000

As data science and big data become more ubiquitous, data scientists have found a reliable niche in the job market.

The data science process in big data requires comprehensive knowledge of data analytics and the means of applying that knowledge to the wider scope of business strategy.

Data scientist roles and responsibilities include data analysis and problem-solving using machine learning models.

They then convey this information by data storytelling and statistics to members of the organization in a way that makes the information accessible and actionable.

Data Analytics Manager

Data Analytics Manager Salary: $115,900 – $137,600

Data analytics jobs require in-depth understanding of data analysis and reporting.

A data analytics manager is responsible for analytic process development and team supervision.

They must take into consideration both the long-term business strategy of the organization and the short-term goals of the business to ensure concise data reporting.

In addition to analysis, supervision, and reporting, a data analytics manager must remain apprised of technological developments that may affect the organization, including updates, upgrades, standards, and regulations.

The high level of responsibility makes this position one of the best paying jobs in technology.

Technology Industry Outlook 2020

With the tech industry growth rate projected to increase, it is the perfect time for workers in the technology industry to consider the best tech jobs for the future.

There are myriad opportunities available in the technology industry for someone with the right knowledge and experience.

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