According to HuffPost, 75% of American households play video games. If you are passionate about gaming and dream of making your own, the Phoenix Comic Fest is your playground of fantasy, brimming with those who hope to be the crafty minds behind the next Minecraft.

The panel, rich with diverse talents and backgrounds at the Phoenix Comic Fest in May 2018 was designed around the question, “With limited experience in the industry, how does one break into gamingp?”


Roger Arias | Cofounder, Screaming Games

Brad Bowling | Art Director, Rainbow Studios

| Full-Stack Software Developer and Curriculum Director, Woz U

Brenden Sewell | Creative Director, E-Line Media

Chris Zukowski | Founder, Return to Adventure Mountain

Jorge Portillo | Associate Professor of Game Art & Animation, University of Advancing Technology

Moderated by Ben Reichert, Founder and CEO of Game CoLab

Watch the full video here or skip to the highlights noted below.


Gaming projects can be a lot more complex than they first appear. To get started, pick a project “that can be done in a weekend … and in a month, you ‘ll be done. -@dkoontz #phoenixcomicfest

If you learn programming as a discipline, much of that will translate from system to system. -@dkoontz #phoenixcomicfest

There ‘s no excuse for not diving in. If you love it, do it! -@AdventureMtn #phoenixcomicfest

Moral of the story?

Gaming legends are made,not born. So, as panelist Chris Zukowski so concisely summed up: