Have you ever wondered if you could become your own boss and say goodbye to the commute, long hours and overtime at your day job? If you always wanted to set your own hours, work from a mobile office and be connected to the world via the cloud and your laptop, a career in application development may be a good fit.

The career outlook for app developers is healthy. But what do the numbers say? Here ‘s a quick look at one of the hottest fields in tech right now. And if you ‘re looking for a way to fast-track entry into it, you ‘ve come to the right place!

The iOS Mobile Development Training Courses through Woz U powered programs can help you get started on a new career path in 12-24 weeks. To better help you decide… here are some fast facts about app developer careers so you can make a well-informed decision on being your own boss.

App Developer Salary Range

As an app developer, you really can be your own boss. Plenty of services outsource development to qualified candidates and the pay is handsome.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median average annual paygrade for app developers is $102,280 or about $49 per hour. Most app developers are working on one or two apps at a time and are enjoying the remuneration of a high pay grade and the lifestyle that accompanies it.

Job Market For Developers

The job market for app developers is growing and already has more demand than there is supply.

According to BLS, there are more than 1 million jobs available with an anticipated employment increase of 302,500 by 2026. The job outlook for this year and beyond is a healthy 24%, with year-over-year growth expected to surpass these moderate estimations.

Day-to-Day Experience

Your day-to-day experience as an app developer will consist of two separate experiences.

No. 1: For example, if you were to seek a job in a company setting working onsite, you could expect to enjoy a plethora of perks that are offered by most tech companies. Things like recreation rooms, flexible time off, paid holidays, 401k, included health benefits, bonuses and more would be yours for the taking.

No. 2: For the freelance app developer, things are just as cushy. New tax laws would drop your taxable income substantially, meaning that more money would be in your pocket. Your day would consist of working on the apps that you designate for the clients you choose.

In a given day, app developers will need to overcome challenges.

A few of these include:

  • You ‘ll typically be working with a team of likeminded candidates as well as a project manager.
  • Debugging and testing will become mainstays in your daily life.
  • Client feedback is critical to the successful development of an application.
  • Teamwork, communication, written and verbal skills are essential to your success.
  • Ongoing education will help you fine-tune your skills and pursue new opportunities.


Future Outlook for Software and App Developers

For those who enter the software and application development fields of today, they are setting themselves up for success tomorrow and further down the road.

Did you know that application/software developer is listed as the No. 1 top rated job for information technology by U.S. News & World Report for 2018; and the position doesn’t seem like it will shift any time soon.

A strong average median annual pay, a prosperous career outlook and hundreds of thousands of jobs to be added over the next ten years make this a winning decision for anyone who ‘s ever wanted to take control of their future. What ‘s not to love?

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