No matter if you are the president of an AZ tech company or a career-changing job-seeker, we are all looking for the same thing; to find the people who will support us in our missions and join forces to create something bigger than the sum of its parts.

However, since there are a quarter million open programming jobs in the U.S. that are continually unfilled, there is clearly a disconnect between the roles needed in tech companies and skilled candidates to fill them. Bridging the gap of AZ Tech Talent was the focus of the panel event on May 15th, 2018. And who better to host this skills-gap discussion in the innovation industry than Tesla?

Woz U president, Chris Coleman, sat alongside AZ tech titans, Vivek Dwivedi, VP of Financial Cloud Services at Infosys and Dave Lesser of Scientific Technology Corporation (STC) at the Tesla Motors in Kierland Commons Scottsdale, Arizona to tackle the toughest challenges for employers and educators facing the AZ tech workforce today.

Check out our Facebook live and see the highlights in the notes below.



“We are really bullish about establishing a base in AZ.” – Vivek Dwivedi @infosys –


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“Hire the right folks and get out of their way.” – Dave Lesser @stc_health –


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“Support your community and your local companies!” – Chris Coleman @thewozu –


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Thanks to the sponsors: Tesla Motors of Kierland Commons, Newbridge Technology Solutions, TBConsulting and Point 61!


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