As our world grows more digital by the minute, you may have considered becoming a remote software developer.

On top of that, as more tech jobs become available, the demand for software developers. Because of the nature of the work, many of those positions are available as remote jobs.

But, what exactly does a remote software developer do?

How do remote software developers work? What kind of annual salaries do they make, and what jobs are available out there for them? Let’s take a closer look at the answer to all those questions.

What is a Remote Developer?

A remote software developer performs the same functions as a regular software developer. The only major difference is that remote software developers are located in a different physical location than the rest of their team.

That means they may work at a different client site, at a co-working location like a We Work facility or work from home.

Remote jobs focus less on physical, face-to-face interaction and are almost entirely virtual in nature.

To understand the various components of being a remote software developer and whether it’s the right career for you, it helps to first understand what it is a remote developer does.

Software developers work with computers and other types of electronic devices, developing and designing programs and applications allowing people to carry out tasks on these devices.

They specialize in developing programs for any type of device with an operating system.

How Do Software Developers Remote Work?

A software developer engages in remote work in much the same way that a software developer working in the office would.

They have a work station, a set number of hours to complete their tasks, and people within an organization they’re responsible to answer to.

The difference is that the rest of the remote software developer’s team isn’t at the same physical site.

These developers rely on virtual forms of communication – email, phone, or video conference – to receive instructions and interact with the rest of their colleagues.

Self-Discipline Working From Home

Developers are generally the creative forces behind many software applications. Remote software developers must harness that creativity without having office-mates.

This means that remote software developers must have a fairly high degree of self-discipline. They must be able to work independently without receiving a lot of direction.

Developers work with computer languages, information systems, and computer systems design largely on their own.

It’s on them to stay focused on a day-to-day basis, self-motivating when their supervisor or manager isn’t directly communicating with them.

If you’re a motivated, self-starter who can stay organized while valuing the freedom to make your own schedule, remote software developer may be the position for you.

Remote Software Engineer Salary

Before beginning your career path as a remote software developer,”How much do you make as a remote developer?”

Understanding, how much the jobs will pay is important.  The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median pay for software developers is $103,620.

Developers in the lowest 10% earned around $61,000 while the highest 10% earned around $161,000.

The exact amount one can make will depend on their experience level, location of the company, the company they’re working for and the industry they’re working in.

Below are the median salaries for software developers in a number of industries where DEV professionals are in high demand:

  • Software publishers: $114,320
  • Manufacturing: $110,290
  • Finance and insurance: $107,960
  • Management of companies: $104,420
  • Computer systems design: $100,080

It depends on the company, but remote developers have the same opportunity to earn the types of salaries that software developers in an office earn.

Home-Based Software Development Jobs

Remote work is becoming more popular – and in many cases, more necessary – than ever.

Combine that with the fact that software development has a great job outlook, and it’s clear that becoming a remote software developer is a solid career choice.

By 2028, employment of software developers is projected to grow by 21% nationally. That’s a much faster rate than most other occupations.

Home-based software development jobs will likely only grow in number as employers attempt to attract talented developers in new and creative ways.

Both senior software engineer and entry-level programming jobs will probably reflect this reality, becoming more accommodating for remote positions, remote workers, and remote developers in general.

Remote work is a job benefit that allows for optimal flexibility. Plus, DEV jobs will still incorporate the same skills as office-based developer jobs.

Remote Software Developer Job Skills

  • The ability to analyze system users’ needs and then test the systems to make sure they fulfill those needs
  • Recommending software upgrades for existing systems
  • Designing applications
  • Creating models to show programmers the code needed
  • Lead programs through maintenance and testing
  • Document all components of a software application
  • Work with other developers to optimize software

Best Remote Software Engineer Jobs

The best remote software engineer jobs require creative minds knowledgeable of the software development process.

As the workplace adapts to accommodate remote work, more jobs will become fully remote.

More organizations advertising themselves as a remote company will become available.

Whether you’re based somewhere like San Francisco or a full-fledged digital nomad, there will be an opportunity available to you as a software developer in your job search.

The key is to develop the required software engineer skills needed to be considered proficient in the job itself.

To be a remote software developer, you’ll still need the same training as software developers situated in an office.

Many software developers pursue a four-year degree in computer science and lack up-to-date knowledge in the field.

There are avenues available online that can prepare you better than that in only a fraction of that time.

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