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20 August, 2018
by Nicole Nelson
Content Marketing Manager
Anchor tags allow us to link one thing with another thing. That means pages of a website, text to website, images to a page, basically it allows us to get to another destination.

This can be useful for hyperlinks in blog posts, images, or ‘contact me’ links on your website. Today we’ll talk about all kinds of anchor tags and create one ourselves. Watch below:
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Don't miss these highlights:
:30 – How to get an HTML skeleton
1:00 – What is an anchor tag?
1:40 – Create navigation bar
1:50 – Where anchor tags come into play
2:13 – What “href=” means
3:50 – How to set a destination to nav bar
6:54 – How to set an anchor tag to have a social media icon on your page
8:20 – How to get a link to not redirect
9:25 – How to get the icon on your page
11:18 – How to nest a image tag in your code
12:30 – How to open the users default email off your page, to email you

Nicole Nelson

Nicole is Woz U’s social media and content manager who loves to build communities and break though barriers to find common ground. After graduating college, Nicole joined Woz U as an intern and quickly rose up in the ranks to become the voice of the brand on social. When she’s not documenting Woz U’s Demo Day, you can find her cheering on her local soccer team or getting her ‘zen' on practicing yoga.

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