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28 August, 2018
by Nicole Nelson
Content Marketing Manager
It’s not every day that we create something so amazing that we have to share it with the world. But that’s exactly what Brandon Rabe, Full-Stack Developer at GlassBiller and Woz U software developer graduate did.

Hear his “moment of epiphany”, plus his words for advice for how to kill it in the software developer program in his Woz U review. Read more Woz U reviews.


You can’t just show up; you have to step up!
Brandon Rabe @thewozu
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I am Brandon Rabe and I am a Woz U grad and I currently work at GlassBiller as a full-stack developer. When I decided to attend Woz U a few things were going on in my life. I had just moved back to Phoenix and in my previous life I had spent some time as a developer for some software for gaming companies but decided that I wanted to get more into the web development and full-stack development arena.

Woz U prepared me for my current job with its intensity. In my current job [at GlassBiller] I have to be able to learn new things at a moment’s notice. I have to be able to pick up new languages, new front-end frameworks, just about everything. Woz U allowed me to jump into a topic in a short period of time while still gaining the necessary knowledge to actually complete the task.

My typical day at GlassBiller starts with checking my email to see if I have any logs or errors that have come through. Once I take care of those, then I go ahead and grab the next card off the stack to start working on let’s say a new feature or maybe pick up what I didn’t get done the day before. And the rest of the day I just get to play with code.

One of the other really cool things is because of the way that we’ve built our software application [at GlassBiller], we actually can get almost immediate feedback and I can actually go and see how my features are being used. And that is just awesome!

The best advice that I can give to future Woz U students is…if you put in the work, the rewards will be amazing!

One of my favorite stories from my time at Woz U was during the final project phase. During a moment of epiphany, I came up with a tool that was going to be super useful for the application that we were going to make. But as I started working with it, I realized that it could actually be useful for applications outside of what we had created. So, I made an appointment with the instructor to have him come and take a look. And after the conversation that I had had with him, which was one of the most intellectually awesome conversations that I ever had, we decided that I needed to go ahead and publish the package. So that particular moment in creating that tool was probably one of my favorite and most enjoyable moments at Woz U.

The best advice that I can give to future Woz U students or current Woz U students is that this knowledge is not gained by osmosis. And if you put in the work, the rewards will be amazing!

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Nicole Nelson

Nicole is Woz U’s social media and content manager who loves to build communities and break though barriers to find common ground. After graduating college, Nicole joined Woz U as an intern and quickly rose up in the ranks to become the voice of the brand on social. When she’s not documenting Woz U’s Demo Day, you can find her cheering on her local soccer team or getting her ‘zen' on practicing yoga.

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