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12 June, 2019
by Woz U
Content Marketing Manager
Working in the administrative field to becoming a powered Woz U Data Scientist. Read the interview we had with Regina Bernier and learn more about her experience at Woz U!

Woz U:”Can you speak to your experience with your instructor and/or mentors throughout the course?”

Regina Bernier: The Data Science program instructor, Meredith Dodd was very encouraging. Especially when I was having trouble understanding material she was very patient and used examples that were relatable.

“Thanks to Meredith Dodd the curriculum was easy to understand! The projects really helped reinforce what was learned.”

Woz U: What was your final project?

Regina Bernier: My final was on Data Wrangling and Mining. I did everything from collecting the data to the presentation.

Woz U: What advice would you give to those who would be looking to learn about  Data Science?

Regina Bernier:

First   It’s like learning a new language, and it is hard.”

Second – “With the support and materials that the Woz U program provides you, it is possible.”

“Third – When you complete the program and know you’ve  learned  something,  it gives one a real sense of accomplishment and confidence!”

Congrats to Regina Bernier for completing the Woz U Data Science program!


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